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Modafinil is Smart Drug for sleep disorders and promotes wakefulness. At 24rxpharmacy we offer top quality of medicines to our clients on time. 24rxpharmacy is one stop portal for your all type of medicines on reasonable price.

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Modafinil(200 Mg)

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What is the proper dosage of Modanafil?

The standard dosage for modanafil 200mg. which can be increased or decreased depending upon prescription of the doctor. The Prescribed dosage depends upon many factors like age, medical condition, cause of disorder, etc.

Who can use Modanafil?

Modafinil is medication for sleep disorders and also for sleep apnea, narcolepsy, it may be may be habit-forming. Modafinil is usually taken every morning to stop daytime sleepiness, or you can take 1 hour before your work start to treat sleep disorders.

Precautions during taking this medicine:

To make sure Modafinil is safe for you, if you have any problem tell you doctor:

Chest pain, liver problem, kidney disease, high Blood Pressure, Heart Problem

Metnal Problem, Drug Addiction


Side Effect of Modafinil:

Take emergency medical help if you have symbol of any allergic reaction of modafinil.

skin rash, stuffy nose, mouth sores, fever, dark urine, anxiety Etc.

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