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Why do we use Retino-A?

Women and men both these days are very concerned about their skin and of course their appearance and do not want to face any problem due to some pity issue like acne. They are really obsessed with their appearance and hence find ways out to get over their acne.

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Acne can be of any type like pimples, blackheads or small boils on your face. They really make your beauty go down and they become the only highlighting thing on your face which is noticeable and no other thing is said to be more noticeable than this. There were so many people who complained about this issue and wanted to get over it s soon as it could be possible as they stayed for a longer period of time. Use of medicines was of no use so people were really depressed about this issue.

About the medicine

Retino – A is a special kind of medicine which helps remove the pimples or any kind of acne from your skin and makes your skin acne free and glowing like before. After using this medicine you will never have to complain about the acne on your face or any such thing. It not only peels off the infected skin but also for unblocking the pores. It makes the open up which make sure that the acne is removed out of the skin then. It is an excellent cream which is used by a large number of people. It reduces the acne and is made just for solving this purpose. This medicine is los available in other form too like medicine and gel based but the best one which is preferred by a large number of people is in the form of cream. It not only makes sure that the acne is treated but also makes it an important point that the fine wrinkles vanish off from your skin.


You will have to apply this cream over the acne as when they appear over your skin each day. Small amount of medicine has to applied over the acne every. Make sure you take the medicine under the supervision of the doctor and follow the guidelines given by him. Do not discontinue the treatment. You will better effects within 7 to 8days. Continue it for about 4 to 5 weeks and you will see that the acne have completely diminished from your skin. Regular usage might help you in better effects.


Increasing or decreasing the dosage is not in your hands except the doctor so before taking any such step make sure you talk to the doctor about it. If you find yourself allergic to any component of the medicine then immediately stop the usage and talk to the doctor about it. You are not allowed to apply the drug if you are pregnant or you are breastfeeding as this can be dangerous.

Side effects

Itching, irritation, redness, rashes to the skin, burning sensation are some of the side effects which might happen but they are temporary and do not last for a longer period of time so do not worry about it.

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