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What is Albucid Eye Drop?

Albucid Eye Drop is an antibiotic eye drop medication that is used to treat bacterial eye infection. lbucid has the active ingredient sulfacetamide opthalmic 20%. Eye drops having sulfacetamide opthalmic are sold under a lot of brand names.

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Albucid(10 ML)

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Important Information about Albucid Eye Drop

Do not use Albucid Eye Drops if you feel you are allergic to it or other sulfa based drugs. Besides this make sure you do not have a fungal or viral infection in your eye. This eye drop can traet just bacterial infections. If you are breast feeding a baby or pregnant, you may ask your doctor if this eye drop is safe for you and your baby. If you applting contact lens do not use these drops. Make sure a there is a gap in both while applying lens or while using this medicine.

Before using Albucid Eye Drop

Before using Albucid Eye Drop, take care of all safety measures listed above. Make sure that this medication is a instructed only drug that means it is available only with a doctor's prescription. Taking doctors advise is a must.

How should one use Albucid Eye Drop?

Apply Albucid Eye Drop or Blephamide is alswals instructed by your doctor. A patient leaflet is hash all medications with complete information and instructions on how to use them. Refer the leaflet for more details. Applying eye drops is a very easy task and can be done with little or no support. You must however seek help from someone from your friends, family or any person who has applied this medication Always store this eye drop in a dark and cool place. Make sure that pets and children do not have entrée to this medicine.

What if I miss a dose?

Missing a single dose of Albucid Eye Drop or Sulfacetamide Opthalmic can be harmful for your condition. Inacse you genuinely miss a dose due to any reasons, use it as soon as you remember it. However, skip the miss dose if it is too long since the original time to take the dose and very close to the time for the next scheduled dose.

What if I overdose?

Call the doctor as soon as possible the moment if you have used too much of Albucid Eye Drop.

What are the side effects of Albucid Eye Drop?

Stinging, Burning, itching, or redness of eye and irritation as well as blurred vision, itching/swelling of eyelid might happen after using Blephamide also named as Albucid Eye Drops. If these effects do not go in a while then you shall call the doctor and seek a medical help quickly. Your eyes may also become more sensitive to light. Please note there can be other side effects as well.


Information on dosing of Albucid Eye Drop

You may follow the exact dosage of Albucid Eye Drop as said by your by your doctor. Do not take the dosage made by yourself.


Contact with other drugs

Usage of two eye drops is not a good idea as Albucid Eye Drop has nitrates. Besides this, there are no important drug interactions. though, there might be few other interacting drugs. Let your doctor know about any other drugs or related products which you might be using. Do not take or use any prescription on your own. Medicines shall be taken strictly with a doctor's prescription.

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