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Dorzox T

Dorzox T


All about the product

Dorzox eye drops are used by those people who really wish to get over the issue of low eye sight as well as reducing the issue of glaucoma inside the eyes. Glaucoma is basically an issue where the intra ocular pressure is increased in the eyes. This intra ocular pressure directly affects the optic nerve which is present in the eyes.

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Dorzox T(5 ml)

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This particular nerve acts like a messenger, who sends the images as well as the messages which are captured by our eyes and then sends it to the brain. The intra ocular pressure directly affects this nerve and hence it leads a person to loss of their eye vision. This particular eye drops which are Dorzox eye drops online, help a person to have a better eye vision and also it helps in reducing the effects of glaucoma on the eyes. Just make it an important note that this medicine is not for the treatment of glaucoma and does not removes glaucoma completely from the eyes. It only helps in reducing its effects. Dorzox carries some very essential components in it which is dorzolamide. It is an active element which helps improve the eye vision in even better manner.


The dosage is quite simple. But one thing is quite mandatory that is a person should simply consult the doctor for dosage as well as dosage for certain people might vary. This medicine should be used only by those people who are infected by the disorder and not all of them. Only the people with the infected eyes or facing the problem of less eye vision must use it. This medicine should be applied for at least 3 times in a day. It is quite simple one drop into the eyes for 3 times in your day is enough? Just tilt your head and pull your lower eye lid and create space or a pocket for the medicine and put the drop into it. It is quite easy to apply this medicine. You will not require any help for it or any assistance from anyone. Just make sure you apply the medicine after the consultation of the doctor.

Safety measures

Before you start up with any medicine make sure you take a look on the preventive measures as it is mandatory. If, the medicine is causing any such itching or infection to your eyes, then immediately stop using it. The dosage is quite easy and simple and so makes sure that you do not increase or decrease the dosage as per your convenience. Also see to it that any component of the medicine does not affect you or you’re sensitive to any of the component.

Side effects

The side effects of this particular medicine are temporary and do not stay for a longer period of time. They are simply temporary so do not panic when you find yourself facing them. Certain side effects are sensitivity to light, itchy eyes, double vision, nausea, headache, dark urine, etc.


Kindly store the eye drops under clam temperature absolutely reach from direct sunrays and heat, also away from the contact of kids.

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