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What are the uses of Tropicacyl - Eye drop

This medicine is used to open up the pupil of the eye in preparation for definite eye examinations. They are called as anticholinergics. It relaxrs some of the eye muscles. They are only prescribed by your health care professional. This eye drop is also used to treat swelling in various parts of the eye that is iridocyclitis, iritis and keratitis.

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Tropicacyl(3 ML)

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What are the side- effects of Tropicacyl - Eye drop

Understand that your own doctor has told you to use this medicine so he is the best person to know what suits you. A lot of people have various side-effects when they use this medicine they are such as

  • Eye hurting
  • temporary blurred vision, 
  • dry mouth, or eye sensitivity
  • feeling as if something is in the eye
  • heartbeat goes fast
  • muscle stiffness
  • mental/mood changes.
  • Get medical help right away if you have any very serious side effects

Avoid using if you are allergic to it immediately

What if I forgot to take a dose of Tropicacyl - Eye drop?

It is important to take the dose everyday missing on any dose will create problems. Do not take multiple doses one after another. You must continue with the original schedule.

How to store Tropicacyl - Eye drop

You can store these eye drop at a room temperature between 69 to 70 degrees keep it away from light. Do not store or refrigerate at a very high temperatures. Keep container closed very tightly. Also see that they are kept away from pets and childrens. Discard the medicines correctly do not flush them away.


What precautions are necessary while taking Tropicacyl - Eye drop?

Before using tropicacyl, it is important to tell your pharmacist or doctor incase if you feel that the medicine does not suit you or if you are allergic to it. This drug might have inactive ingredients, that further may cause allergic reactions or other troubles.


Where can you find Tropicacyl - Eye drop?

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