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Xalatan Eye Drops

Xalatan Eye Drops

Xalatan eye drops (2.5ml)

Details about the disorder

There is a disorder due to which the pressure in the eyes starts to increase. The increasing intra ocular pressure in the eyes leads to glaucoma to a person. Glaucoma is a disorder where a person faces problems in his or her eye sight which means it leads a person to a loss of their eye sight too.

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Xalatan Eye Drops(2.5 ML)

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People should be careful when it comes to eyes as these eyes are quite sensitive to a person. Eyes assist us in watching the beauty of nature and helps in our day to day activity as well. So we should always make sure that these eyes are treated well. The increasing pressure in the eyes is not at all good and so this problem needs to be treated on time. The pressure in the eyes increases when the fluid drains away from the eyes of the person. This problem can arise to anyone that is to the children, men or to women.

Product details

Xalatan eye drops online are the best eye drops ever when it comes to cure glaucoma from the eyes. It helps to lower the effects of the high pressure in the eyes. It is used to lower the effects of intra ocular pressure in the eyes which never fails. It also shows up with the best results and always brings in a cure to this problem. Every patient of glaucoma must try this medicine for the best effects.


Xalatan eye drops online must be applied to the eyes which are affected by glaucoma for at least 3 times in a day. Refer the manual which is given along with the medicine or the details and instructions are written on the bottle as well. Do make sure you take the proper dosage guidance from your doctor and do not take the dosage as per your own thoughts and views. It is quite easy to sue this product you will not require any assistance from anyone as you can apply these drops on your own. You must make it an important point that you maintain a proper hygiene when using this medicine as there are high chances of contamination. If at all you do not understand the dosage on the bottle you can simply talk to your doctor about it. It is also advised that keep a check on the dosage and try not to forget about it. If in any case you forget about the dosage do not panic, just apply it as soon as you memorize it.

Side effects

Pain inside or around the eyes, itching, redness in the eyes, an increased sensitivity to the eyes, slight changes in your vision, pain in the chest, symptoms of cold such as sneezing, running nose, coughing, discomfort in the eyes, dizziness, pain the head, burning in the eyes, dry eyes or watery eyes after applying these eye drops.


It is always important to store the medicine properly as wasting the medicine or not storing it properly can lead you to loss so store the medicine in cold places. Make sure to check the expiry date before use.

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